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Fieldpiece ATWB1 Wet Bulb (Sock) Thermocouple with Alligator Clip, 50 - 150 deg F +/-4 deg F Accuracy, -50 to 150 deg F

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Fieldpiece Instrument's K- type thermocouples, sometimes known as type-K thermocouples, combine features and functions to handle most HVACR temperature measurement applications. Our line of rugged k-type pipe-clamp thermocouples for HVACR have a snub-nose design and increased jaw strength to hug pipes and maximize thermal contact. Fieldpiece k-type wrap-tab beaded thermocouples let you choose the amount of the lead you need and stores the rest, and the optional alligator clip model easily attaches to the outside of the condenser for outdoor dry bulb measurements. The high temperature line of thermocouples can take the heat whether it's a flue temperature measurement, piercing flexible ducts, and grill temperature measurements.

Fieldpiece Wet Bulb (Sock) Thermocouple with Alligator Clip, 50 - 150 deg F +/-4 deg F Accuracy, Nickel-Chromium/Nickel Aluminum Conductor, -50 to 150 deg F

  • The ATWB1, K-type wet bulb thermocouple can clip to HVAC/R equipment for convenient placement and hands-free testing
  • Wet the durable sock and clip to evaporator filters for indoor wet bulb-great for finding target evaporator exit temperature
  • Clip to return vents for indoor wet bulb temperature-great for target superheat calculations
  • The ATWB1 can be used with any of our meters that measure temperature and any thermometer accepting a K-type thermocouple
  • HVAC/R technicians find the ATWB1 extremely helpful when data logging or anytime an extra hand is needed
  • The wrap-tab allows the thermocouple wire to conveniently store on the plug
  • Just wrap the excess wire around the wrap-tab, no more tangles
  • Probe insulation-calibration and atmosphere will affect maximum useful temperature in applications
  • The wire insulation is designed to withstand a maximum continuous use at 400 deg F but the sock may become damaged at temperatures above 150 deg F
  • Plug-K-type thermocouple male mini plug
Accuracy      :      50 - 150 deg F +/-4 deg F
Material      :      Nickel-Chromium/Nickel Aluminum Conductor
Temperature Rating      :      -50 to 150 deg F

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