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RectorSeal® 45009 Compressor Burnout Acid Neutralizer, 4 fl-oz, Bottle, Oil

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Acid away for POE provides a unique approach to help prevent compressor burnouts by effectively removing the acid build-up that occurs in polyol ester refrigeration oils used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

RectorSeal® Compressor Burnout Acid Neutralizer, 4 fl-oz Net Content, Bottle Container, Oil Form, Composition: Polyol Ester Oil

  • Approved and recommended by OEM and compatible with all common compressor construction materials, internal system components and polyolester lubricants
  • Removes residual acid left after compressor burnout and new compressor installation, eliminates the need for flushing systems with solvents to remove residual acids and eliminates costly oil changes to dilute acid content of refrigeration oil
  • Suited for preventative maintenance to avoid compressor burnouts from acid build-up in operating A/C and refrigeration systems
  • Minimizes service callbacks from repeat compressor failures caused by acid and can be used to treat recovery, recycling and reclaiming units that use polyolester lubricants to protect them from attack by acid fouled recaptured refrigerants and oils
Boiling Point      :      320 deg F
Composition      :      Polyol Ester Oil
Container Type      :      Bottle
Evaporation Rate      :      1
Flammability Limit      :      2
Flash Point      :      >148 deg F
Form      :      Oil
Net Content      :      4 fl-oz
Odor/Scent      :      Petroleum
Specific Gravity      :      0.9
VOC Content      :      10 g/L
Vapor Density      :      >5
Vapor Pressure      :      < 5 at 68 deg F
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