What is coolCARE?

The fully insured coolCARE Protection Plan is a program designed to protect Dealers and their customer from the high cost of repairs of HVAC and Refrigeration Systems during the life of the Extended Warranty Agreement. Our customizable plan offers parts only or parts and labor extended protection.  Best yet, Standard Supply’s coolCARE Protection Plan is competitively priced so that as a contractor you can re-sell it and increase your company’s overall revenue and your customer’s peace of mind at the same time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign my customers up for an extended warranty?

If you are not already an existing coolCARE dealer, download the New Dealer Application form via the link at the top of this page. Fill out and submit to coolcare@ssdhvac.com for approval. Once you have been approved and your account login set up, you will receive an email with your login information.

Log in to your account and either search plans by part numbers, or use the easy-search function to filter products by your customer's specific needs.


When is the best time to sell a coolCARE plan?

The best time to sell the Plan is at the time of the sale of the equipment to the customer, however, it can be sold on existing equipment in the field that is less than 2-years old and has a remaining factory warranty of 90 days. There is a 90-day waiting period before a claim can be filed on equipment that has been previously installed. Plans on existing installed equipment are not pro-rated and term length is based off of date of install, not date of plan sale.


What price should I sell the protection plans for?

That's entirely up to you.


What is covered by the Plan?

Coverage applies to normal failure of the functions of the product, in accordance with the original manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions. Coverage does not include normal wear and tear or consumables (unless otherwise purchased). See the Plan Terms and Conditions for specific coverage and exclusions. Additionally, you should always collect a diagnostic fee for the service call from the end-user.


Do I have to buy the equipment from Standard Supply?

No.  We would love to have your equipment business, but you can buy a protection plan from Standard Supply without buying the equipment from us.


What happens if a customer requires service on a covered product?

The customer is instructed in their fulfillment package to call the contractor who sold them the extended warranty in order to initiate a claim. You should diagnose the problem before scheduling a service call. If you determine that a service call is necessary, you can make the service call and perform the service/repair. If you are uncertain of coverage, call ahead to confirm coverage. You should collect a diagnostic fee at the time of the service call. NO PROBLEM FOUND calls are not covered.


When does coverage begin?

Plan coverage for labor & parts begins in accordance with the terms type of plan purchased. See your terms and conditions or the customer terms and conditions based on the SKU sold.


How are labor costs reimbursed?

Your approved labor service call rate of $125.00 per hour (per your Dealer Agreement) will be paid on covered repairs.


How are parts costs reimbursed?

On covered repairs, the Plan will pay the wholesale cost of your parts used in the repair plus a markup detailed in the service table provided in your reseller agreement, if you have purchased the markup option. In order to receive the parts markup you must have purchased the parts markup SKU not just the parts coverage SKU. Obtain the parts form your usual sources. The administrator reserves the right to request a copy of all parts invoices if necessary.


What do I use for claim submission?

Claims may be submitted via electronic records on the CoolCare Protection Page of the Standard Supply website (www.ssdhvac.com). Also, information on any standard work order form or invoice that contains the required information. The important thing is to furnish all of the required information on the original service invoice.


Where do I send claims for reimbursement?

Send your electronic claim forms online under “Dealer Warranty Claim Form” (see below this block)


What is the time frame for submitting claims?

Claims must be submitted within 25 days of the service completion date or they will be returned unpaid.


When will I receive payment of my claim?

Properly submitted the Administrator pays claims for covered repairs normally within thirty 30 days after receipt.


Are the service plans transferable?

Yes unless otherwise specified on the terms and conditions. To transfer ownership of the Plan, or in the event of product exchange, the customer sends a written request to CoolCARE with a $25.00 transfer fee, plus any applicable taxes. Request should include original purchaser’s name, address and phone number, Plan application (contract) number, product serial number, product purchase date and name, address and phone number of new owner. The original Plan period remains in effect.


Can the plans be canceled?

Yes, in the event a customer wishes to cancel a Plan, the customer will notify the dealer from whom they purchased the Plan. The dealer will be sent a prorated refund from the wholesale price paid by the dealer based on the elapsed months of coverage, less the 10% cancellation fee and less any claims paid under the Plan, if applicable in the State where the customer resides. The contractor will reimburse the customer a prorated refund from the retail purchase price paid by the customer based on elapsed months of coverage, less the 10% cancellation fee and less any claims paid under the Plan.


Is this plan insured?

Yes, our plan is bound by all state requirements for selling service contract plans. The plan is underwritten by an insurance provider and our plan administrator is licensed with the state of Texas to sell service plans.