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Standard Supply was founded in 1946 as an adhesive distributor. During the early 1950's when people began to air condition their homes, contractors requested that Standard provide adhesive to attach insulation to Kraft paper or foil sheets so they could insulate the walls as they installed air conditioning units. Most contractors had trouble with this process, so Standard Supply started facing insulation in their warehouse in Downtown Dallas. This was the beginning of a philosophy that still exists at Standard Supply today: "Delivering Solutions" to meet our contractor's business needs.

As the insulation facing business grew, contractors started asking for grilles, registers, duct pipe, and other items. Standard listened to its contractor base and began stocking more HVAC supplies. From there, Standard Supply has grown to be the largest HVAC supply company in Texas. Standard has 22 locations covering the north, east, central and south Texas. In January 2020 Standard Supply acquired Bradford Industrial Supply in Oklahoma from Bob Bradford & Mike Simons. This marked the start of Standard Supply’s expansion outside the state of Texas with 4 new branches. We have earned the reputation of having the largest and broadest line of HVAC supplies in the region. All of our branches are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly people to serve you. Each location has the ability to deliver to the contractor's warehouse or even directly to job sites in most cases.Continuing its history of innovation in the HVAC supply industry, Standard began to "package" new home construction materials in the late 1980s. Instead of the contractor having a substantial investment in inventory and overhead to warehouse materials and prepare each new job from their stock, Standard provides this service for them using the fundamental idea of "just in time" inventory. Many of our more forward-thinking contractors utilize this service. We believe this model provides the lowest total transaction cost to the contractor while allowing them to focus on what they do best (installation) and allowing Standard to handle what we do best (warehousing and order fulfillment).

Through continuous innovation, utilization of the finest technology available in the market today and understanding our contractor's business needs, we believe Standard Supply offers the best service in our industry. The combination of friendly knowledgeable people, reliable delivery and in-stock supplies have contributed to Standard Supply's continued growth and success. Standard Supply is focused on our mission of "Delivering Solutions" to our contractors. We set the standard for service in the HVAC supply industry.

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